Linking NEW method BOOSTS SEO Rank on Google

If you’re looking to BOOST traffic to your website so you can catapult past your competition… then this may be the most important SEO advertisement you ever read. Because right now, you’re probably searching through a ton of different SEO ad’s all promising the same exact thing… ‘PBN’ network traffic wondering “Which one of these is the best for me?”.

Here’s how it works

Once you place an order for our CT-Linking package, we get to work by researching which one of our sites most closely matches your niche or target audience.

We pick the top sites from over hundreds in our network that actually match your business or industry.

We custom design the ranking strategy using CT-Linking in order to:
- Boost your site rank without risking the search engines picking up your site being on a PBN.
- Rank articles in a specific, targeted niche so your site isn’t connected to some bogus topics.
- Randomize the backlink profiles of the domains pointing back to your site so it seems totally ‘natural’ to search engine algorithms.
- …and much, much more!